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Cut through the noise and get essential tech updates / news. Bitesize summaries, no ads, no clickbait.

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Always upto date

Bitesize news keeping you upto date with what's happening in minutes, not hours.

Essential Updates
Updated in real time as news is happening, so you're never behind.
Ad-Free Experience
Enjoy a seamless, distraction-free environment with no ads.
Authentic, Straightforward Content
No clickbait. Just to-the-point information and bitesize summaries.
Understand anything
With key points, along with Explain Like I'm 5 (ELI5) explanations, you'll understand everything you see.
Global Coverage
Get comprehensive updates from the tech world, covering news from all corners of the globe.
Customise your feed
For pass holders, you can customise your feed to exclude categories you don't want to see news for.
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